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I Faked Activist Zeal for My Boyfriend
Excerpt from an article in Salon
June 2011

When I moved in with Doug on 96th Street in Spanish Harlem, I learned that the extent of his activism far surpassed my own. Most electrical appliances were banned from our household: no TV, no air conditioning, no refrigerator. All for the sake of the environment, he said. We kept food on the windowsill or the fire escape, except in the summer months; then we just bought food for the day. I abided by his rules, but I didn’t like them. The things we do for love.

Little Episodes: Brainstorms

Little Episodes: Brainstorms

The ‘expression of depression’ anthologies arose from a journal and pad of art therapy drawings recorded during a stint in rehab. The idea was to collate similar pieces from as many writers and artists as possible; the desire was to provide empathy and inspiration for anyone going through a similar experience of isolation and mental struggle.

‘Brainstorms’ is the second volume in a series of six and contains work contributed by Melvin Burgess, Sadie Frost, Clint Catalyst, Nina Antonia and Todd Swift.

The event

Brainstorms Launch
Launch party at London’s Water Rats,
Oct 28th, 2010

Brainstorms was launched at the historic Water Rats and to celebrate the launch, Little Episodes commissioned a play by Emma Jones performed by a stella cast including Sadie Frost and Carl Prekopp. Performance poets Nina Antonia and Alan Wolfson performed alongside storming performances from Kieran Leonard and The Horses, The Langley Sisters and house favourite, The Harrison Brothers.